Friday, July 17, 2015

Dream Big

My whole life I've been different from those around me in how I think and how I feel.

I've always had big goals and dreams that seem unrealistic to the realists out there, but in my heart I always feel connected and motivated to follow up on them.

When I was younger I wanted to be a singer/songwriter/actress/model. Those dreams slowly faded as I realized I was crazy afraid of attention being put on me.

From there I wanted to be an artist. I still wanted to be an artist up until I went to school for art and learned that I didn't like people telling me what to do, due to a bit of stubbornness. And from there I changed my major to fashion with art and business minors.

I've been told time after time that what I'm doing is going to be really hard if I want to make it and I've even had people laugh at me when I tell them what I went to school for.

I remember this happening even dating back to high school when a specific person told me that they didn't think I was going to go anywhere with my life.

To some, this may upset them deeply, maybe even making them consider changing their mind on what they want to do, but it only made me fight harder and continues to make me fight harder.

By being stubborn, I've found that there's a good and a bad side to it.

The bad being that it has the potential to start many arguments, especially when your husband is stubborn too, so watch out.

The good being, no matter what anyone says or does to you, you WILL do what you set out to do NO MATTER what.

I have goals that some say won't happen, I have dreams that some find silly, but that's what makes it fun when you achieve those goals and prove them wrong.

Don't ever doubt yourself just because someone who thinks they know everything tells you differently. God made you for a reason and set you out to do great things.

Prove the haters wrong and follow your dreams.

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