Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How To Make Homemade Lara Bars

I love Lara Bars.

I love that they have limited ingredients, yet they are so delicious.

We used to buy a box of them every time we went grocery shopping because I love how easy they are as a quick on-the-go snack. I also love that the list of ingredients is very small and you know exactly what went into what you're about to consume.

But seriously, if they are around, I will eat one every day because they are delicious, duh.

I love supporting awesome companies such as Lara but the only thing is, they don't always fit into the budget.

So I'm sorry Lara...it's not you, it's me.

So, for all of you out there who feel the same way, here's a recipe that will help with the budget and also satisfy your taste buds.

Here's what you'll need:

10-12 dates

2 Tbsp organic cocoa powder

2 Tbsp PB2 (or regular peanut butter)

That's it....awesome right?

Of course, you can make any flavor you want, but the peanut butter cookie is my personal favorite, so that's what I like making, and adding cocoa powder amps it up that much more.

With this recipe you can be really creative or as simple as you want.

That being said, I decided to add chia seeds.

Why chia seeds? 

Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, omega 3-fatty acids, and so much more. They are an easy add-in and they don't have a flavor, meaning they won't overtake your recipe. 

I add them in my oatmeal, on toast, and basically into anything I bake. 

So real question is...why not chia seeds?

Pit your dates and add them into your food processor along with your cocoa powder and PB2, and in my case, chia seeds.

I find it is easier to make them in a food processor, but you could definitely use a blender as well.

Blend it up.

You want to blend until the consistency is thick and sticky. If it is too thick to the point that it won't mold together, add a bit of water.

Take your "dough" and spread it out in a small cake pan. I used a small bread pan, because that's what we have in our home, and I'm thrifty like that.

Stick your bars into the fridge for about 15 minutes until they are easy to cut. I also find that they taste better after being refrigerated. 

Cut your bars into whatever shapes you'd like, and boom...

Delicious bars using simple, healthy, tasty ingredients.

Now, they may not look as perfectly sculpted as those Lara bars we all know and love, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

I love taking mine on road trips, or just having them ready to go in the fridge when I'm needing a snack or for a quick fueling before the gym.

They don't leave you full, bloated, or with a stomach ache, so basically...they are perfect.

I'd also like to note that if the bar thing isn't working out for you, you could roll them into balls, which I have done. Same taste different shape.

So there you have it! Now, it's your turn.

If you like this recipe, comment and let me know. Also if you have other flavors you like, I'd love to hear.

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