Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vegetables are Underrated

Yesterday, my husband came home with some local vegetables that he had bought from a vegetable stand that was on his drive.

To say the least, I was thrilled.

Although I was in the middle of folding laundry, and had two loads just sitting on the the way, I dropped it all and started assembling all the vegetables out on our kitchen table to start taking pictures.

Such colors and vibrancy that you just can't get in a grocery store that gets their vegetables from Mexico.

While I was oo-ing, awe-ing and taking picture of these beauties, I couldn't help but think about how vegetables don't get the praise they so rightfully deserve.

These things are magic, baby.

Fiber, antioxidants, and talk about flavor! Everything that will leave your stomach in a happy place.

The real problem is, our society has grown...dun dun dun...lazy. Yes, yes I said it. But, it's the truth.

Our culture has told us that it is easier to buy boxed or canned items than it is to buy vegetables. Therefore, so many people don't even know what to buy in the produce section let alone know how to shop in the produce section.

Here's the deal, with takes practice. Do I think it's hard to buy produce?'s one of the most easiest things in the world. But, I've been there. Before I met my husband, I never stepped foot in the produce section, unless it was to buy apples or bananas. Now, I only shop in the produce section...and the drink section occasionally to grab a kombucha. Okay I do that a lot.

It just feels unnatural to some people which makes them feel scared and uncomfortable. It's something new. Call me crazy, but throughout my life I've noticed that people don't like change.

Another thing I feel the need to point out is there is a HUGE misconception that buying fruits and vegetables is expensive.


You see that box of precooked food you just bought for $5? Yeah, you just bought about $1 dollar worth of vegetables that you paid 5 times the price for.

It's a trick.

Let's look at this, when you buy a pizza it's about $10-$20 depending on whether it's frozen or if you went to a restaurant, right? Next time you do this, take a look at how many vegetables or toppings are actually on your pizza. That's pennies worth.

Side note...we don't eat cheese, but if you do factor in about another dollar.

Now, you can go out and buy your ingredients to make pizza at home, heck, even buy a pre-made crust, and you'll pay fractions of the cost verses when you buy it already made. Yes, you're grocery bill may be up to $20 dollars, but you could make like 4 more pizzas out of it.

Just because you hear, "buying healthy is expensive" or "vegetables are expensive" don't believe it until you do a little research yourself.

I mean, if you're buying strawberries in the middle of winter, that's going to be expensive. Buy seasonally and you'll be just fine, probably even cutting on your grocery bill...not to mention medical bill.

When thinking about living a healthy lifestyle, I always think to I want to pay to be healthy now, or do I want to pay later? Meaning, if I take care of myself now and care about what I put into my body and care about moving my body, then I won't have to pay for my health later in the hospital paying for medications for heart disease and diabetes.

Now, if you're to this point of the blog I would like to thank you for listening to my rant and I would also like you to go enjoy some vegetables because they are good for you.


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