Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Do Your Research

As I was scrolling through my Facebook page this morning, I noticed an article that someone had posted. It was about how organic foods are a hoax and there is no difference nutritionally between organic and non organic. It also talked mentioned a few other things about organic farmers. If you want to read the article, click here.

If this would've been a couple years ago, I would've believed it right then and there, doing no actual research myself. But, because I have learned from my mistakes, I immediately started researching the background of this article.

Here's the deal, I am an organic consumer.


Because it looks better, it tastes better, and I know that it was cared for.

But, let's cut to the chase and get real.

The reason I have a hard time reading/believing articles like this is because most of the time, the person writing it is probably doesn't know a lot about actual health or lives a healthy lifestyle.

Okay, that's not completely fair seeing as I don't know the author personally.

So let's just do a little research about them.

Henry I. Miller is his name.

According to an article on, which is a non-profit organization committed to informing the public about the truth, Henry I. Miller was the "primary face and voice of the 'No on Prop 37' campaign in California." Which, if you are not familiar with Prop. 37, it was a California ballot measure in 2012 that would've required labeling on genetically engineered food.

(please read this article)

It turns out pesticide companies were funding "No on Prop 37" ads, spending more than $1 million dollars to convince California voters that it was not necessary to know whether their food was genetically modified or not.

This makes you think...

Why would pesticide companies be so invested in California not passing this law? What would it matter to them if the California public knew what was in their food? If they had nothing to hide, what would be the problem?

So Henry I. Miller teamed up with the pesticide companies, later writing an article against organic foods, which, oddly enough, don't support pesticides.


To say the least, this article is not convincing.

Frankly, I don't support factory farms that use unethical practices and excessive amounts of pesticides. Not only because I don't want to put that into my body, but because I don't want to support putting that into our environment.

Here are some articles that talk about pesticides and the environment:
Environmental Impacts
The Problem with Pesticides

Every dollar we spend is important. A lot of us have lost sight of this, but if you decide to spend your money on a certain brand or a certain type of food, your dollar is supporting that brand and growing that company/business.

Therefore, we support local and organic foods.

In our house, buying organic foods for our health is only among one of the reasons we support it. We support organic for the environment/reducing farm pollution, for building healthy soil, to support small/local farms, and more.

We have the power to say no to manipulation.

Just because one person says something, does not mean it's the truth.

Throughout history we have been being manipulated by big business.

Wasn't there was a time when they said smoking was healthy?

At the end of the day, we need to understand that we have the right to know the truth. We have the right to know what is actually going on and not just believe someone who is getting paid to tell us differently.

Do your research.

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